Book a bike
Rent a moto
Choose a motorcycle
Rental Terms and Conditions A helmet, safety cord and rain coat are included with the motorcycle.
Rental cost from 25 €.
You have to be over 18 years old
Have a driving license for any category
Provide a passport
Leave a deposit, the amount depends on the selected moto
Sign the rental agreement
Keep the motorcycle in good condition
Vehicles are rented out with a full tank - you have to return it as well
What rates do we offer? Attention! Special offer - rent a scooter for 5 days and get 1 day for free!
Rates for motorcycles per day
Days 1-3 3-7 7+
Vespa 50СС 30€. 25€. 20€.
Yamaha XT660Z 70€. 65€. 60€.
Honda PCX 125 СС 40€. 35€. 30€.
Honda PCX 150 CC 40€. 35€. 30€.
Yamaha NMAX 155 40€. 35€. 30€.
Yamaha XMax 45€. 40€. 35€.
Yamaha R25 60€. 55€. 50€.
Additional conditions
Intercom 5 €.
Washing when returned unwashed 5 €.
Overlimit of daily mileage 0,3 € / km
Phone holder with charger included in the rental price
Do you still have questions? If you want to know more about the models or want to book a motorcycle, leave a request and we will contact you within 15 minutes.